When you have to call in a lawyer, you want to know what you are due for. Consequently you must also be able to make an estimate of the expenses of hiring a lawyer. Below we present a statement of the hourly rates that we charge. This is a guideline, because agreements are always reached with the client or the contact person of the company. Every case is unique, deserves its own approach and agreement about the lawyer’s fees.


At our firm you can count on a good price-quality ratio.


Usually, we go by the following pricing structure.


Pricing structure Hourly rate 2021

Lawyer-partners € 250– € 300

Lawyers € 210 – € 260

Trainee lawyer(s) € 170 – € 220

Legal assistant € 140


How is the hourly rate determined?

The amount of the hourly rate depends on the experience of the lawyer attending to your case, but also on the financial significance of the case and on your financial position. It may happen that several lawyers work on your case. When another lawyer works on your file, the hourly rate of the lawyer concerned is charged. If that lawyer is more experienced, a higher hourly rate applies.


Employment law
It is customary in employment law to have the employee’s legal fees refunded by the employer in case of a termination agreement.


Employment participation law
On the basis of the Work Councils Act the works council can ask an expert, such as a lawyer, for advice. The legal fees are charged to the employer, provided an estimate of the expenses has been submitted to the employer in advance. Please ask us to make an estimate.


Administrative law

Within the scope of administrative law the administrative court can be requested to adjudicate on the costs of the proceedings. This involves a standard amount that does not compensate the actual lawyer’s fee.


Private individuals:

Hourly rate / fixed fee agreement

  • Legal-aid cases
    For private individuals with a low income one can request the assignment of a lawyer. This is subsidized legal assistance through the Council for Legal Assistance. Information and conditions for Legal Assistance.
  • Legal assistance insurance
    If you have a legal assistance insurance, the lawyer’s fees can be charged to the legal assistance insurance company. Please check the policy terms of your insurance for this.


Fixed Fee / A fixed fee agreement is one of the possibilities. If the case is suitable, a fixed fee agreement can be made. This can apply both to a one-off advisory conversation and a more extensive procedure.


All listed prices are excluding 21 % VAT.


Expenses (‘disbursements’) are at your expense. Examples are:

Court registry fee

Bailiff’s expenses

Courier’s expenses etc.


We do not charge office expenses.
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