Els Unger

Els Unger

Partner/co-founder of Unger Nolet Lawyers with more 30 years of experience. Els specialises in solving legal issues at the interface between employment law and corporate law. For legal issues regarding employee participation and governance she creates innovative solutions. With her expertise in administrative law she makes sure these solutions are sustainable and in line with social responsibility. Els is a committed teacher/trainer in employment law, employee participation and governance. HR- and legal professionals, works councils and directors value her lectures with excellent ratings.


For whom?
Employment and corporate law: employers, employees and works councils.
Administrative law: companies, interest groups and private individuals.

Additional functions and activities

  • Chairperson of various appeals committees and complaints committees
  • Chairperson: supervisory board of OSR Juridische Opleidingen and Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
  • Teacher/trainer for HR- and legal professionals and works councils in the field of employment, employee participation and administrative law.
  • Member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN), Dutch Employment Law Association (VvA) and Association for Corporate Litigation


To get in touch with Els Unger: unger@ungernolet.nl